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We are a FEMALE-FOUNDED, INDEPENDENT AND FEE-ONLY Registered Investment Advisory firm that is committed to provide unbiased comprehensive financial planning and customized investment management services. We focus on tax-smart financial planning and investment management, ensuring that you keep more of what you earn. 


OUR MISSION is to empower busy professionals and families to gain control and clarity in their financial lives. We collaborate with our clients as their dedicated long-term accountability partner, utilizing our continually updated expertise and resources to guide them through every critical financial decision and milestone. 


This is a headshot portrait of our founder, Jing Zheng.

I was born and raised in China, where both of my parents worked in the financial industry. Growing up, money and investment was never a taboo at our dinner table. I vividly recall the early 90s when my parents enthusiastically dived into the then-emerging Chinese stock market. They would eagerly follow stock prices through TV and newspaper, and host lively evening discussions with friends about the market trends. Although they eventually withdrew from stock picking and market timing, their excitement and openness left a lasting impression on me and sparked my interest in investing. 

I started my career journey at Deloitte as a public accountant and later transitioned into various roles in accounting and corporate finance. In those years, I'd be immersed in large Excel spreadsheets, crunching numbers for the financial models and statements of both public and private companies. While sharpening my financial analytical skills, I always aspired to make a bigger personal impact. 


In 2013, I moved to the United States to pursue my MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Business. As a graduate student without a steady income, especially in a new country, I had to be particularly mindful of my personal finances. During this time, I was also unimpressed by sales-oriented financial advisors I met. However, after obtaining my MBA degree and CFP® Certificate training, I realized that with my education, experience and financial acumen, I can make the personal impact that I always wanted through providing comprehensive financial planning. I joined the Personal Financial Management unit of Goldman Sachs in 2019. My time at Goldman Sachs solidified my belief and passion for financial planning. I enjoyed working with my clients and cherished the trust they placed in me. Yet, I also realized that I could offer more valuable and customized services to my clients outside the restraints and limitation of a large financial institution. Disillusioned with the industry's focus on chasing Asset Under Management (AUM) and driven to make financial planning more accessible, I decided to forge my own path. In 2023, after 10 years of arriving in the U.S., I founded Neat Financial Planning, aiming to provide clients with the exceptional services they deserve.

I currently reside in Falls Church, Virginia with my wonderful husband and son, who are the biggest source of my joy. During my free time, I enjoy reading, practicing yoga and trying out new places. We've also made it a tradition to visit China, Kentucky and Michigan to create fond and lasting memories with our extend families.


Our collaborative financial planning approach is designed for your long-term success. The process starts with understanding your unique goals, aspirations and circumstances. We design, implement and maintain tailored plans that not only address your needs today but also adapts to your evolving future. 


Discovery Meeting

In our 30-minute discovery meeting, we will learn about your unique situation and goals. This is where we'll have an open conversation about the challenges you are facing and establish your expectation for our collaboration. We will also discuss if our services can provide value now and in the future. Then the ball is in your court, you will have the space and time to decide if you want to explore further with us.


Data Gathering & Assessment

You're interested in exploring further! We will work together to gather all the necessary details on your financial landscape, risk tolerance and what truly matters to you. We will then assess your situation based on the data and also insights from our shared conversation. We will then craft a preliminary plan and investment proposal that truly reflects who you are and what matters to you.


Preliminary Plan & Investment Proposal

We will present the preliminary financial plan and investment proposal (optional; only if you're interested in ongoing investment management) in this 1 hour meeting. We will present our key findings and answer any questions you might have. Following the meeting, we will send you the advisory agreement electronically and you can take your time to decide if you want to work with us. If you are not feeling the vibe or the timing is just not right, no sweat! You can hang on to our preliminary financial plan and investment proposal without any charges.


Digital Onboarding 

Awesome news - you've decided to work with us! After the advisory agreement is executed, we will send you a welcome email that introduces our client portal and resources. You will also receive emails and links that direct you to provide any additional information we need to set up your accounts and tools. We will also gather any additional financial planning data we need for future planning and then schedule our first in-depth planning meeting.


Detailed Planning Meeting

In this 1~2 hour meeting, we will address any concerns or modifications since our last discussion. We will review the plan assumptions, revisit your goals and priorities, and examine any relevant supporting documents. Additionally, we will stress test your plan under multiple scenarios to refine and finalize our recommendations. We will ensure you fully understand the rationale behind the plan and recommendations. After the meeting, we will provide the finalized plan, a prioritized list of action items, and outline the next steps for implementation.


Implementation (only for ongoing planning and investment management clients)

Implementation of a plan is a collaborative and time-intensive process. It also takes discipline and dedication to put the plan into work. We will proactively work with you to execute our financial recommendations, such as budget adjustment, setting up automatic savings or investments, back-door Roth (IRA)s and etc. We will also coordinate with your CPAs, attorneys or other professionals to make sure the action items are properly executed and legally compliant. In terms of investment management, we will trade on your behalf and ensure your portfolio allocation aligns with your risk tolerance and objectives.


Ongoing Monitoring & Advice ((only for ongoing planning and investment management clients))

Financial planning is a dynamic and interactive process. Even after implementation, it requires regularly monitoring and modifications to accommodate shifts in both your personal life and external circumstances. Life events like marriage, children, inheritance, relocation, or career transitions, as well as external factors like changes in tax laws, inflation/deflation, and market fluctuations can all change the direction of your plan. To help you stay on track, we provide quarterly review meetings and unlimited email/phone consultations. Additionally, we arrange special attention meetings to address time-sensitive planning issue when they arise. 

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